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OutdoorPro Fine Living is excited to be your local dealer of the highest quality propane-burning fire pits. With endless amounts of options for color, size, style, & height, we are confident we have the perfect propane-burning fire pit for your outdoor space! 

With the use of a propane-burning fire pit, simply turn a switch and you have a fire! They are very user friendly, without the smell of smoke when you are finished!

Our Fire Pits are Made in the USA! They feature: 

- Color Thru Concrete

- Fully Assembled & Ready to Install 

- Heat Tested

- Exclusive Electronic Ignition Systems

- High Grade Burners

- Over Two Dozen Different Finish Options

There are many options in color, size, style, pans & burners, fire glass, fire pit covers, and accessories!  

Shown to the left is the Triple 'S' Bullet Burner-

Brass & Stainless Steel that can burn between

40,000BTU - 320,000BTU

S Bullet Burner.jpg

Solid Concrete
(GFRC) Colors

Glass fiber reinforced concrete is used in these products to ensure you get a stronger and longer lasting product! 

Give Us A Call To Learn More Information On Fire Pits!
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