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The Finest in Self-Watering Planters

AquaPots by Proven Winners are designed by the award winning landscape arcitect Jack Barwell. AquaPots are a wonderful way to keep your flowers blooming to their fullest potential all summer long! Unmatched design capabilities, new designs each year, and refined colors make Aquapots a favorite among home gardeners, retailers, and landscape professionals. 

OutdoorPro Fine Living
is Excited to be Your
Local Dealer for AquaPots! 

Multiple of our team members are Proven Winners Certified and are ready to answer your AquaPot, planting, soil, and fertilizer questions!

Key Benefits of AquaPots:  

 - The convenience of a self-watering pot with the beauty of high-quality glazed ceramics. Durable quality components be reused year after year. 

 - No risk of overwatering. An overflow valvue ensure plants cannot be overwatered, even in heavy rain. 

 - No more water ring stains on the porch, deck, or patio!

 - Watering frequency is significantly reduced. 

 - Water savings with no waste. 25% of the amount of water is used with AquaPots vs. similar sized pots on drip irrigation. 

 - Beautifully grown plants. Plants have continuous access to water and require minimal watering. 


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We carry many different colors, sizes, and designs to enable you to get the flower pots that best match your space and style! 

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